Wild Geese Skydive Centre


Well I had a pretty intense Sunday, today I skydived for the first time to raise money for two small local charities; Rehability Antrim [https://www.facebook.com/rehability.antrim?fref=ts] and the Molly and Mia Foundation [http://mollyandmiafoundation.wordpress.com/about-us/].

Each charity can be contacted through the above links if you have free time for fundraising or would like to make a donation.

Skydiving is one of two things I said I’d never do, I remember saying many times “if I was meant to fly I’d of been born with wings!” add a Northern Irish accent while speaking that out loud, a glass of wine might help the accent flow.  Anyway it was not for me, no way, no how… that was final!!

Yeah then I met this girl called Narelle Allen through a local production Zombie Formal Queen, it’ll be showing at Dungannon cinema, keep your peepers peeled for that one 😀    http://zombieformalqueen.co.uk/

A local actress Narelle has a knack for getting what she wants, naturally, no spin, straight up, howda’do or rather will you do.  I think I find it quite refreshing in modern times someone approaching me head on, using the front door, nothing up their sleeves and it’s a skill a truly respect.  The ability to inspire a persons free will [well as ‘free’ as we all get in these times!] without manipulation, now don’t get me wrong bartering may take place, not money, well ok money as a last resort but time for time.  I have this skill you have that skill lets make something from nothing.  Narelle inspires, that is quite a gift!

So I get a random text from Ms Allen after Zombie Formal Queen has wrapped, my instant reply was – no way, but I’ll sponsor you to do a skydive – I sensed she had enough sponsors, what she required was someone to fill a space another had dropped out of, she was friendly and understanding about it being one thing I’d never do!! Crazy lady is what ran through my mind, lol, well apparently crazy is contagious and I caught the bug much to my dads HORROR – yes he could have had a role in Zombie Formal Queen with the sheer level of horror he displayed.

Oh and how he tried to put me off, it didn’t help when I had to re-book the skydive because it’s a weather permitting sport and the weather here can be contrary, changeable to say the least!  Anyway now that I’m safely on the ground it turns out my dad’s quite impressed 🙂

Wild Geese are extremely professional, all the staff I’ve dealt with are down to earth, the weather is an issue at times and this is unavoidable, so don’t get caught up in disappointment if you have to re-book.  There is a cafe on sight which is reasonably priced and serves good food.  I’m not sure I can do the experience justice in thinking of a description!

It is the MOST exhilarating, breath taking, humbling experience I’ve had with a complete stranger.  After free fall when the parachute pops [and I caught my breath] I was able to chat with my instructor but then became distracted by the immense scenery and views.   It feels as though there is ground under your feet just a different type of ground, wind currents under foot, there was definitely a moment of comfortable peace – which I did not expect to experience – and then the landing, quick, smooth with a little rush then stop.

Check it out for yourself at Wild Geese; http://www.skydivewildgeese.com/

some of pictures below;

IMG-20140921-00856     IMG-20140921-00857

Thumbs up ————————————————-> but really how nervous do I look!


IMG-20140921-00861     DSC02697

The hanger and our chariot ——————————> or just a Cessna 208 (depends how flowery you’d like to be)

IMG-20140921-00862      DSC02707]

The Tandem Master —————————————> no I’m not being flowery that’s what it says on my certificate 🙂

IMG-20140921-00860       DSC02711

Drum roll now if you will;



I love the quote at the top:

Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.

How CoOl is that…

Big ThAnK yOu to all the staff at Wild Geese.




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