Young and Raw Smoothie review

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I promised about a year and half ago that I would review the benefits of a gentle green smoothie.

I’d come across the recipe on a website called Young and Raw –

I’ve tried to record a short clip and in trying to make it as short as possible I’ve left somethings out, typical!

I’m so aware that when I watch other people’s video’s I switch them off if the person goes off topic too much [I know I’m harsh] also I write scripts and I realize short films are sometimes the length of some reviews, but I guess the content is what matters and if people have an interest in the subject they’ll watch it.

The original ingredients are as follows;

1 leaf of kale

handful of curly parsley

1 green apple

1 cup of cucumber

1/2 lemon, juice only

1 inch of ginger [get your rulers out people, lol]

1 tablespoon of hemp seed

1 cup of water or coconut water

My original post is here ———->  http://

So, I think this smoothie is AWESOME and I would not say that if I didn’t mean it.

Originally I began to replace my tea and biscuit habit with a green smoothie, because I was eating copious amounts of refined sugar through biscuits and chocolate.  Because I know myself [just a tad] I knew I had to break the habit, so I began drinking one each day to replace my tea and biscuit routine and the effects were obvious pretty quickly.

At the beginning I bought coconut water in bulk online as well as hemp seed. The health benefits for ginger and hemp seed are fabulous, see below or research it at your own leisure.

Pro’s to this smoothie;

– the taste is light and easy on the taste buds

– all natural

– health benefits [for me] visible by the end of the first week

– it should keep you ‘regular’ [please seek professional advice if you have a pre-existing issue]

– notably healthier looking hair and complexion

– smoothie to go, when you’re on the move

Con’s to this smoothie;

– it’s neither sweet nor salty, perhaps too bland for some people

– the hemp seed can make it seem ‘gritty’

– it has texture regardless of how much you blend the mixture

– it tastes better cold, no so nice warm

– blended seeds can get stuck in your teeth [yes you may require floss]

All in all I would recommend this smoothie you can play around with the ingredients once you’ve tasted it a couple of times, I replaced the kale with spinach and now use water instead of the coconut water, which will cut the cost also if you’re attempting to shift to a healthier life style but not be out-of-pocket financially.  I think some people can look at the price of fresh, natural foods and be put off, which is unfortunate.

I suppose I should mention at the beginning it took a while for my taste buds to adjust, I had tried to move my eating habits toward fresher, natural foods.  This smoothie helped the process, it helped me realize the extent to which my body had been programmed and become used to eating low quality produce, highly sweetened and unnatural tasting foods.  Now that makes me sound like a chronic junk food eater, which I’ve never been, if we all looked over the ingredients to some of our favorite foods we’d get a shock!

A couple of tips for this smoothie, if you are experimenting with different ingredients please don’t put strawberries in it, not only does it look repulsive but it tastes awful.  One thing I have noticed if I want to workout but I’m hungry and can’t afford to eat a full meal because I can’t exercise on a full stomach I actually have one of these smoothies.  I find it’s light enough, gives me a bit of energy however I would NEVER replace a meal with this smoothie.  If anything I feel as though it speeds up my metabolism, I’ve noticed I can drink it and then feel hungry shortly after.  One last thing never forget the lemon juice, it REALLY lifts the flavor.  I ran out [of lemon] one day and thought “it’s fine I’ll just chug it without” oh good heavens, it seemed as though I was attempting to swallow cement.  I can’t logically comprehend how lemon juice could have such a lifting effect, but then I’m no Masterchef!!

YouTube clip below;



I have not drank this smoothie continuously for one and half years, I drifted from it, partly because of technical issues with a blender, then because I couldn’t get the coconut water locally I stopped taking it, realizing the ill effect I pushed myself to drink it with bottled water which is not as sweet as coconut water.  But over the last while I’ve come to understand through changing my daily routines, I can reprogram my body and mind however which way I choose and I choose to live more naturally.


Best of luck 🙂





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