Brewbirds film poster


Film synopsis: 

A single mother struggles to cope with the aftermath of her decisions.  Battling herself and an abusive ex-partner, inner-strength prevails.

I am very excited to show off the film poster for my second short film script, directed by Fintan Cheng of Womb Productions.

Before filming Fintan purposed we use a design website called 99 designs – – this was to increase the potential for a professional design which was aesthetically pleasing or cOoL.  I hadn’t heard of the 99 design but once I glanced the set-up I loved the idea.  The customer writes a brief for artists to create ideas, a time frame is selected, briefs begin to pop up.  Which are all wonderful to see and it’s so interesting how the brief is translated by numerous creative perspectives.  The customer can then select a couple of designs for a final round, give further instruction to the designers and view the end result.  Its quite difficult picking just one, the above design was created by Romanian designer Costea Mihai.  Of course there is a fee and you should check the website for further pricing information.

With numerous directorial projects under his belt, this was Fintan’s third funded short film project, you can connect with him on Facebook – or Linkedin.

For further information on Brewbirds check out Womb Productions Facebook page, I will also – randomly – gush in a vivacious manner about how the short film is progressing.

Lead female character acted by; Fern McAuley

Lead male character acted by; Cillian O’Sullivan


And other local talents who made the short film possible, include;

Chav 1 – Eimhear Jackson

Chav 2 – Orlaith Larkham

Check-out girl – Erin Stockdale

Customer 1 – Leonard Hill

Customer 2 – Mark Gallagher

Customer 3 – Clare Childs

Health visitor – Linda Hutchinson

Still photo’s of the Chavs, why….




Photo credit; John Magee


Photo credit; Brian McGleenon

…Because every film should have a Chav or two, thank you ladies.

Watch this space! 😀


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