The sunshine is at the end

Recently I’ve made some rather drastic changes in my life, I put a complete halt on face, body and hair products.  After reading a Happy Hair article by Lucy Atkins Read, I got to thinking.  I decided to try an eight week hair experiment which involved me not washing my hair and allowing the natural Sebum to form around the scalp and coat my hair.  I completed the eight weeks – to some people’s surprise – it wasn’t just about forgetting or not wanting to wash my hair in some respects it was a breaking down of corporate programming.  Long since put in place, I’m a baby of the 80’s and it sort of freaks me out that I still randomly sing advert/commercial ‘jingles’ when my mind drifts off.  Might sound a little intense, dramatic perhaps, extreme maybe?

It’s not at all I’ve found it’s a complete release, a letting go.  An interesting experience, I mean just look at how happy I am in this photo while washing my hair with banana, egg and honey 😀


Yeah my son came into the bathroom took one look and said “Ugh…” in that honest tone only a six-year-old can deliver, my friend in LA said “That hair cabaret is gross” which amuses me thoroughly!  I shall not be moved, no more corporate chemical laden shampoo, my scalp have never felt better – this however is not one of my hair blogs.

I use lemon on my under arm, I wash my face with water and moisturizer with pure coconut oil, I have one bar of soap left.  After it’s gone comes one more decision, do I wash – my body – with baking soda or make a body wash with oatmeal perhaps?  So what am I explaining to you here, well, instead of having MASSES of corporate products scattered around my bathroom, for my face, body, hair, feet etc.  I am reducing my needs I am consolidating my distractions down to as few a number of products as possible, as natural as I can manage and locally sourced where possible.

Why would I do such a thing.  At this point I’d like to maintain your interest with a small article about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – ding ding – successful man you might think, popular, bound to have lots of friends, in the public eye, the world is his oyster and at such a young age too!

So why does Mr Zuckerberg always wear a grey t-shirt, let me give you the short version.  He states “there are actually a bunch of psychology theories, even making small decisions around what you wear or what you eat for breakfast certain things like that, they kind of make you tired and consume your energy…”


Do you see where I’m going, no, let me take you on a journey for a moment.

Imagine we lived in a world where we defined our success and happiness with the things we owned, the products we used, the people we associated ourselves with who did exactly the same – bling, bling.  Imagine also if we were indoctrinated, our senses flooded with faux positive potentials through visual and sound stimulus.  The products that promised to make our success were actually designed to distract us from ever reaching it – through many variables, depending on the individual and how different products effected each person.  Imagine living in a world where we were molded, programmed to need and want more and more never able to reach happiness or contentment.  Imagine when one person reached the end of their life – the conveyor belt – the end of their use for purchasing and working they were thrown to the side, left to expire. [I know it’s crazy right, because who would want to live in that world]

It’s a bit drabber than a simple grey t-shirt isn’t it.

Let me quickly turn this around so you can smile again, hold on though, it’s going to get a tad more bumpy before it gets better!

So ladies, all the ladies, louder now help me out, all the ladies… [little bit of Salt’n’Pepper there]

Which geography or gender of human being in modern times would be most likely to be caught up in buying products, consuming to an endless level trying to fill a black hole of low self-esteem or lack of confident?  There is every imaginable – and more – products on the market for women.  For our boobs, bum, wrinkles, cellulite, this seasons clothes, last seasons hair do, shoes, handbags, accessories I can’t even understand!!  Do you ever question why?

Now when I was a wee girl most men wore Brut – no, I don’t mean the fizzy white wine – that was as much accessories as a man required, that and perhaps a cloth hankie.  See ladies we’ve gone beyond it’s only women who are being negatively effected, although yes violence against women has raised to an alarming rate.  Lets bring the men into the picture alongside all the women who are either distracted with shopping, cleaning their houses or being badly treated in the home or in the work place.

I don’t believe there have been as many products available for men as there are now, I still giggle upon watching Joey from the TV series Friends bring about ‘the man bag’.  Now perhaps it was available before it made an appearance on Friends but you can bet your granny there were ten different colours and designs – of the man bag – to choose from as soon as that episode finished airing!!  And so gentlemen why does a successful man like Mark Zuckerberg generally wear the same outfit day in and day out?

If it’s to fast track his success wouldn’t it be logical then for all of us to try the same, hey we’d all choose success right and what about applying the same theory in all area’s of life?  Ok, perhaps variety in a favourite area of your life wouldn’t off set the scales of balance.

Ladies and gentlemen if we were to cast an honest eye over our own lives – no judgments on others please – could we reduce the distractions that clearly build up, everyday small decisions, mounting out of control.  Would we be able to see our goals more clearly, could we step closer to knowing ourselves – which in my mind is the greatest success of all.

Let me set you a challenge – Oh come on it’ll be fun – I dare you to begin the new year with one less product on your bathroom shelf, or to skip a week of clothes/accessory shopping or to simplify your daily outfit like Mark Zuckerberg.

Remember it’s a lovely time of the year IF you take a step back from corporate pressure to spend, spend, spend!  If you were to take anything from this blog, know that we all have choice in what we eat, dress ourselves/ children in, what products we buy for ourselves and others.  It might be a bit late this year but instead of buying all your presents next year you could consider making natural mint foot scrubs in a glass jar with ribbon around or a pear chutney – see the links below.  I made oatmeal cookies and flapjacks and wheaten bread for neighbours as well as Christmas pudding tree decorations, of course I’ve purchased certain products online.  But this is about baby steps it’s not about being perfect, do you know why, because there’s no such thing as PERFECT, total myth, promise 😀


My Christmas tree decorations.

People LOVE homemade cookies, bread, decorations because in taking the time to make the item you’ve shown in one kind act the person receiving your gift is worth your time.

Good luck in whatever you choose,

and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to one and all!

Oh – heres the bit of sunshine I promised earlier, smile 😀



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