Untitled short script

A very quick blog as it’s 2.43 am and I haven’t been to sleep yet!

I feeling pumped up, yeah 😀

I’ve recently began a FREE online film course through FutureLearn, there are many free courses to choose from, business and management, creative arts and media, health and psychology, LOTS,  check it out  https://www.futurelearn.com/

Anyway, I love to write and here is a short task we were given;

Try writing the script for a very simple scene of up to 30 seconds duration (about half a side of A4 paper) using the following instructions:

  • Character 1 is already in a room.
  • Character 2 approaches the room, opens the door and comes in.
  • They have a very brief conversation in which Character 1 gives Character 2 an object and then Character 2 leaves the room.
  • Consider how you are setting up character, theme and story

And here is my effort;


I hope to talk a friend actor into making a very basic version, if it makes it to YouTube I will of course post my our efforts if anyone has an interest, so watch this space!!

Also if you’re not familiar with Notehub definitely check it out  http://hubapps.com/notehub/notehub/notehub.html

I am now going to try and climb down from the intense enthusiasm I have for writing!


Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite 😀



Further from the above post, I think I shall name this short: BOX

Main character confirmed at 10 am, lets make a 30 second short!! 😀


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