One Boy And His iPad

This is the title of my latest short film exercise with FutureLearn an online film course.

So I had a lighting task;

Using whatever equipment you have to hand, we’d like you to film a very short scene with just one character, in which you use lighting to create an effect of your choice.

I got caught up in the story, a concept I wanted to put across about how a little boy looks to an application called Siri for friendship.  My idea was to use the electronics to light the scene, but I didn’t gauge the length of time each device would remain illuminated, valuable lesson learned from a simple assignment.

Because this is a short film, one minute twenty-three seconds you don’t get to see environmental effects, or home life to draw much of a conclusion.  However in an era of technology and dwindling community, how realistic is this concept?


Here is a still picture from the short film I blogged about last week, I called it Box.  Luckily a friend – Nicola McHugh also the DOP – will edit the two-minute short in the coming weeks.


Our leading man, actor: Tim Fergusson

Very excited to see how well we’ve captured the concept visually and perhaps get Box into a film festival 😀

Have a creative week!!



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