Intentions and Actions

I’ve wondered for a long time about people’s actions being of secondary importance to their intentions.  I don’t believe a person can hide their true intentions for long, through conversation words generally give a person away.


But then what of the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’, well I’m a firm believer actions speak a volume of thought with out a person having to move their lips.  Intention of course is what comes before either.

There have been many instances – before now – where I have with good intention acted against better judgement, having calculated a positive outcome only to be dumb struck with a negative.  Have you ever been in a situation where you know two people, they don’t see eye to eye but you think if person could only see person y – as I do – surely they would begin to like or even accept one another?  Well in my experience having tried on numerous occasion, from different angles, simply don’t bother your good intentions will likely fall prey to judgmental action.  And judgmental action is bore from negativity, no great long-lasting relationship is ever ignited through fearful imaginings.

I’m speaking purely on a personal level if you’re in business and you only need Mr X and Mrs to like each other for two shakes of a lambs tail, hey by all means marry the two up by any action necessary, lie until your teeth fall out!  Am I being serious – no – I’m not being serious get a titter a’wit about yourself and speak the truth!!  If we’re talking business and two people don’t get on but if they did you could all make a boat load of money, then flip the situation, instead of trying to make them get on, be truthful about the fact they don’t.  You might be surprised at how refreshing the truth comes across.  I don’t know any business man or woman who doesn’t like to make a boat load in earnings so if Mr X and Mrs aren’t about attracting the cash it’s advisable you move on to the next deal.

But back to beautiful relationships and healing the world one blog at a time – Oh come on, there’s always room for cheese, I mean have you seen the new Avengers movie, my god it’s like liquid cheese in a can, ridiculous :-O

I should probably admit to not being perfect at this point many years ago I also acted with negative intention, having calculated a favorable outcome – for myself – only to be dumb struck at a positive outcome – for everyone else –  Left scratching my head wondering “how the hell…” I shan’t bore you with the details, suffice to say the world is more intricate than I ever could have imagined.  I look back at my teenager years and laugh at my naivety but also at how marvelous the entangled workings of this universe are.

As a child when I would get into trouble, adults often were softer when scolding me if they realized the intentions behind my actions were honest, saying “I know you meant well but you can’t…” And I wonder what our world would be like if in a courtroom scenario we firstly viewed the intentions of the person before looking at their actions.  I know it sounds idiotic.  Because firstly we’d have to be able to concretely decipher a persons intention, beyond reasonable doubt, right?  We’d probably require the ‘infinity stone’ from the middle of Ultron’s head.  But for the mean time if we’re not all evolving to a higher state of being and we don’t have a machine to suck the thoughts out of a person’s mind you’d have to rely on everyone telling the truth.  Telling the complete truth in legal matters or on government forms generally doesn’t go in a person’s favour.  And that is the ugly truth.  The little experience I have of the system is that it no longer works for people who tell the truth, it has morphed and purposely been reshaped to fit anyone and everyone willing to point fingers, name names and basically flog their granny for extra money!

If our good intentions had feet, I would ask you where have they run off to, over the hill and far away?

And what are our actions without our intentions?

In moments of action, decisions flow forth, who can you be.


Shakespeare pondered life and death, perhaps a tad dramatic but in the times we find ourselves heightened is where it’s at.

We want in one vein or another;

Increased: productivity, user experience, visibility of x, y and z within the market place and beyond or quite simply an increase in wages.

Deepen/ strengthen: client base, understanding of personal skills, connection with our children/ parents spirit or God.  And for those of you who don’t consider themselves ‘deep’ perhaps you’d all just settle for a stronger internet connection 😀

In one way or another – it might be fair to say – regardless of age, gender, education, sexuality, ethnicity or social stature we would all in one direction or another like to increase understanding, knowledge or experience.  What we may not agree on is the extent to which this encompasses change.

When we read or hear the word change a lot of people automatically hit the brakes, in their brains, their faces might freeze in a semi-awkward-polite smile while their brain does the loop-de-loo.  If you’re in a situation were you’re speaking to a client it’s almost as though you have to speak in double-fast time, to get in your pitch before the client goes into mental lock down – depending on the change you’re suggesting!  Or perhaps you’re a writer and you have 60 seconds to pitch a movie idea, 60 seconds before a producers eyes glaze over because there’s nearly to no chance you’re reviving the topic once the eyes glaze over.

We could have a conversation regarding use of words.   What are the precise words to use when getting a person to conform?  We could take advertising companies for instance, I recently read a post on LinkedIn – When Advertising Agencies do Science.

After reading the piece I couldn’t help notice something didn’t sit well with me, it was perhaps the topic.  It struck me though the writer had indirectly highlighted that advertising agencies hadn’t changed much since the 1950’s.  If we were to go back to heightened feelings and consider how we all behave today in comparison to the 1950’s.  Lets look no further than advertising companies for initiating, manipulating and evolving the human psyche, positively or negatively.  Of course we can’t neglect to include the influence of television, film and radio however I feel that advertising companies have employed unique tactics not only to engage our senses but in fact to overwhelm them.  Our everyday lives flooded, we are drowning in visuals, pretty patterns to some, a confusing mess to others or thought-provoking inspirations to the adventurous.

Here’s an interesting excerpt from a book I’m reading at the moment.

                   20150527_132323                              20150527_132746

                                                                                                                                                    Page 40

So can we all evolve to a higher state of being or has corporate advertising switched us all off?

Fear not, if you’ve reached the end of this blog you’ve already increased your chances of enlightenment just eat and drink more junk food, consume until you fall over and don’t forget never turn your television off!!

Am I being serious – no – I’m not being serious that was my attempt at corporate advertising, have a titter a’wit put down the tin of sugar and think water.

Laugh, smile, love.


picture credit; Mike Irvine

One thought on “Intentions and Actions

  1. I enjoyed your post and greatly appreciated how well constructed your thoughts were. Many of us have begun some type of action with good intentions for it to only turn out poorly. And we wonder, like you said, how could this happen? I had it all figured out!! Lol

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