The Rubik’s Cube within


Do you ever feel as though your mind is a puzzle?

Not puzzling but as though your thoughts – from time to time – reshape, clicking into a different place changing an area of perception?  Lately I’ve become more aware of how other people’s actions concretely change my  perception of them and the world around me.  The intentions of their actions also play a major part in the way my brain decides to inadvertently metamorphose.

Have you perhaps experienced a deep connection with someone, a connection that doesn’t last forever but it completely changes you – usually without your permission – glancing yourself in the mirror, you recognize your face, outside appearance but your ever fiber – within – feels like someone else?

Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman comes to mind, Vivian tells Edward;

                Look, you made me a really nice offer.

                And a few months ago, no problem.

                But now everything is different, and you've changed that.

                And you can't change back.

The example I’ve used is romantic we know at the end of Pretty Woman Vivian gets her man, but real life can be very different.  I remember my uncle gave me some great advice that I didn’t fully comprehend, I was young, we were talking about a past boyfriend and I must have sounded very negative because he told me “never regret a relationship, not even the bad ones, because every relationship teaches you something about yourself.”

That might be a bitter pill for some people and I apologize if it triggers an unhappy memory.  The truth of the statement hit me full force although I let it wash over me at the time, shrugging it off in a stroppy ‘I don’t care’ manner.  Two things here; first don’t ever think that honest words are lost on the young, I have vivid memories of words and reactions that have slowly transformed me into the person I am today.  Not always positive but I’ve used them along the way almost like a trail of breadcrumbs, aiding the journey back to myself.  And I clearly remember the faces of people who were kind enough to give me their time and honest opinions.

Secondly please please, do NOT fall into the trap of regretting your choices just because they lead you to a painful experience.  Don’t live in a permanently guilty present just because you – or others make you – feel as though you’ve stayed in a situation too long.  Let me tell you from personal experience on the flip side I used to walk away too soon, never completely living the full experience, potential for growth cut off.  And what do you think happens then, well some people believe you relive the same experience under a different guise.  I’ll let you all decide which is more painful, to experience a negative relationship for a longer period or to experience numerous negative relationships until you catch on.

And we could be talking business deals, love, love affairs, bad investments – you purchased a stock ISA instead of cash ISA and now it’s not worth anything – all I have to say is;


And know that you’re wiser from the experience, you might not feel wise but give yourself sometime.  Let the Rubik’s cube in your mind search for the right side up.  Hey I bet you’ll meet some crazy square colours – people – on your way to finding like-minded crazy square colours 😀

Allow your mind to create new pathways, why, because it can, your brain has neural plasticity abilities, yay!!

An interesting book – I haven’t finished yet – if you’re curious about the topic.


And so this week my brain – to some degree – has rewired itself.  I’ve noticed before but it’s a new enough sensation that I pause and ponder.  Put the worlds to right so to speak, I wonder if there’s a built-in reset function with this rewiring and rebuilding.  If there’s a literal detachment of one pathway to rewire a new, does our brain dump what might be termed in one sense emotional baggage, creating a clearer pathway?

* side note; I should clarify the sensation I feel is not neuron’s rewiring themselves, I’m not in any physical pain.  I can’t be sure how everyone else’s mind works but my mind is a vast visual playground.  My perceptions glued together from years of seeing, smelling, hearing and feeling.  I believe the process I’m attempting to translate is perhaps my brain is releasing a build up of false information.  So if I perceive a dream job to be x, y and z, and over time experience tells me this is false, this new information could create a shift in my perception.

Hmmm, I suppose I should read the rest of my book 😀

Have a fabulous Friday, I hope wonderful things unfold before you this weekend.




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