It’s been a long summer in a ‘fly by’ kind of a way.

There were no long lazy days, there was little sunshine however the milder weather and bright nights were a welcomed change from the norm.  Personally I see a real shift in weather patterns.  From a non-professional just simply observing point of view.  When comparing summers and winters of my youth to present day.

But how does weather patterns tie in with obligation?

Well, I could if you’d like concentrate this piece on personal obligation, to our ecosystem/ environment.  Tying in how we all have a very real impact on the earth globally and closer to home in the community around us.  But it’s been done (to death) don’t you think?

I do find it interesting how we all inhabit the earth but the majority of us don’t feel any direct obligation to maintain its natural workings.  I feel we’d have to rewind the conversation and go back to various points in time.  At what point was it a good idea to create chemicals, toxic to humans and other life forms?  Has the manufacturing and distributing of plastic bags evolved the human race?  Why would we believe it’s beneficial to eat anything other than foods sourced from natural ingredients?

Firstly ‘foods sourced from natural ingredients’ is general and whips up another debate, one that rages on even as I type these words – organic versus genetically modified foods :-O

Secondly we’d all have to travel a heck of a lot further back in time than the above mentioned points to realize how, why and when our ties to the earth began to dissolve.

So if the majority of us feel little or no obligation to the earth how devastating would the impact and consequences be?

Lets look at a basic definition –

Obligation; an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

Wow sounds serious, so are we born with obligation or is obligation handed down to us?  Perhaps we’re all taught this ‘morally or legally bound’ side of things.  Oh but hold on, what if we’re not taught.  Hmm, so let’s try to be balanced here, let’s say some of us are taught morals and the law, but others are not, if a person isn’t taught how do they learn and what if the people taught these things disagree, what then?

Anarchy?  I love that the definition of anarchy is; a state of society without government or law.  This really amuses me because I was about to suggest that the definition of obligation might be a little askew.  I will of course leave it up to the reader to ponder the meaning and definition of words in accordance with established tradition.

Have you ever felt obligated, bound by thoughts of what you should do versus what you want to do.  Of course it’s better for a person to choose instead of to ‘want’, wanting is derived from a lack of, to want something is to be without.  Even if it’s simply thinking – I think I want to be intelligent – to speak these words aloud is a declaration in itself, not one I’d urge anyone to utter.

I believe we are all intelligent, it’s in present day that we find ourselves obligated to prove it, more often than not with paper qualifications.  A debate on exams versus experience could be a long one, so lets move on and agree to disagree – if you’d like – that we are all intelligent.


So we each have our qualifications or years of experience, under our belts, ready to go, watch out world!!  How obligated do you now feel in your chosen place to be accomplished or (drum roll please) SUCCESSFUL?

Take a breath, no pressure, no comparisons here 😀

We could debate; what is accomplished or successful but maybe you’ve already guessed.  The debate would be a long one, so lets move on agreeing to disagree.  Success can be what a person chooses whether it be material gain or a life full of rich experiences.


So we’re all intelligent, we can all be accomplished and successful.  But nothings ever that cut and dry.  Because people fall foul to fear, failing to consistently appreciate, see and understand their WORTH.  What can really make an individual stumble is other people’s inability to see their potential.  This can highlight feelings of inadequacy within, which is merely an illusion because you are in fact complete, enough, we all just have to know, love and step into ourselves.

There are billions of people, you, me, the person next to you and so on, obligated to a way of life that under-values, undermines and always wants more!

Sounds a tad dreary doesn’t it, just a little bit heavy for a Friday, it’s the weekend after all, come Monday everyone will want to know just how great your weekends been.  And tell me will you feel obligated to sound happy, peppy, COOL?

Here’s the thing, come closer, let me whisper in your ear…


And so I wish you all the very best (of luck) in being TRUE to yourself.  It is far more challenging than you might first imagine.  When you actively see the positive and negative side to obligation, you can begin to experiment in day-to-day life, honestly approaching a variety of situations able to decide either way – does this serve me as a person?

For example;

  • I can care for a sick relative or friend and will up to a point, beyond this I will seek extra help from others.
  • I can work forty plus hours a week (if it serves me) I will choose to work more than forty (only) if it serves me.
  • I can be obligated by other people’s thoughts of who I am or I can choose to be myself.

There are of course consequences, people around you will see and experience a change when you no longer feel bound by obligation to act in any way other than who you truly are.

As someone once said to me,

Be gentle with yourself, be smart,

If a situation no longer serves you,

Learn from the useful bits and leave the rest by the wayside.


Be well 🙂



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