Walk with me

Just for moment or so.

I’ve been churning a notion over the last couple months.  It’s linked with obligation, I seem to have had my fill.  But I’m refusing, point-blank, to fall into a crevice of self-doubt and believe obligation only leads to energy sucking life experiences.

As soon as I hear the word it’s as though someone’s placed an anvil on each of my shoulders.  Although on a brighter note I feel the word – obligation – has the potential to mean something far more beautiful than the literary English translation which really boils down to force, being bound and links to the law.


There is more to obligation, I can feel it in my bones.  Once you begin to break down social programming, which is no mean feat.  You can begin to see so many more variables at work, perhaps some might translate it as the universe, god, mother nature.  Connections become more visible to the naked eye.

When we free ourselves – little by little – from whatever constraints we’ve been born into we begin to see who we truly are and what we really choose in life.  We become open to sensing what is distant but familiar.  For example; I was never given the opportunity to learn Gaelige as child I find I’m drawn to the language now, the meanings of words and phrases are immense – to me .  I’m not always loving how to pronounce them but hopefully that will change with time.  The language seems to be tied to the land itself and the people – or at least that’s my interpretation.

So I Googled obligation in Gaelige and was totally overwhelmed at the choice, almost as though there are many forms, how do you choose to apply this word to yourself or a situation.


And I love choice, to choose, I also quite enjoy dealing with the consequences of my actions.  This might strike some people as odd.  Looking back I was always taught, trained, equipped to deal with the consequences of my actions.  Because when you’re small the consequences are small, as I got older there was a natural progression, my actions changed and so to did the consequences and of course the life lessons.

We could come up with many scenario’s of how children fall into danger because of their actions.  I would have to interject with; a decent parent skilled with love, empathy and common sense is not going to allow their child to experience too much of life before they are ready.  Life is building blocks.

Do parents in modern times allow their children ‘to bite off more than they can chew’  because of ego, social status or competitiveness?  Are parents today competing in an entirely different ball game than say my parents?  Well, that’s for another blog or for you to individually ponder and decide.

Recently over and over I’ve been experiencing instances where I’m either told or its inferred “the balls in your court”.  In previous blogs I’ve explained my beliefs on evolving along personal paths and how if we don’t over come obstacles whether they be people or situations, similar experiences will keep occurring until we fix the problem.


I have no clue what a frog on a rock has to do with balls and courts, I’m just gona go with it.


Honestly when I think back I’m not sure I have any positive experiences surrounding this phrase, yet it could be viewed as quite empowering.  The person with the ball(s) might be in control, you would think.  Especially if we were to look at the history of the idiom, referring to sports.

What I’m pretty certain of, to assume the person with the ball is in control, leading, at an advantage could be a strategy play for misdirection.  Meaning a person might not always have the resources to return the shot.  Whether it be stamina to see a game through, money to buy or knowledge to move forward.  If you have the ball but you can’t make the next move, you’re not at an advantage at all and unless you have the discipline to flip the situation you’re not in control either.

I think what’s interesting is if we place the phrase in the business world it can take on a different guise than say a more romantic exchange.

Before now I would have felt compelled to engage in the game – so to speak.  And I’ve noticed how easy it is to get tangled in other people’s actions or movement.  We could chat about this at different stages of life, we could talk about children in a classroom scenario, to a sales/ buying situation or just relationships.

It struck me how small connections with people I don’t even know can leave me feeling obligated to act or respond.   Have you ever begun a simple conversation only for it to jump to an awkward moment of someone wanting your contact details and worse still you weakly find yourself handing over your email address.  Or have you ever shown a naïve interest in a product, verbally tying yourself in only to find it comes with twenty different attachments, each sold separately?



What am I not doing right you ask yourself?

Obligation, being tied in or bound to any number of occurrences throughout your day.

I challenge you.  The next time you find yourself in a place of feeling obligated.  I dare you to stop and ask yourself why.

WHY do you feel bound to a person, experience or situation?

And this is not just for people to realize they are wearing themselves thin helping others or consuming too much all the time.  It might be a beautiful experiment that reinforces why you use a local business or product.  You may stop and challenge the obligation you feel to the foods you eat.  Maybe you stop mid routine and you realize, you can redefine what obligation means to you.



love, light and healing.



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