HaPpY Hair Anniversary to me!!


So this is me with an avocado, yummy!

I took the plunge a year ago and decided to follow many others in giving up shampoo permanently.

A bit drastic some might think but not at all.  In fact as journeys go cutting out shampoo has taught me far more than I could have imagined!

After reading a Yahoo article based on an interview with Lucy AitkenRead who has a website devoted to a variety of natural products, parenting and lifestyle choices – I was sold!


It taught me not to go out in public with dirty hair :-O ha ha ha, only joking!!

Actually people – generally – where way more relaxed about my hair experiment than I anticipated.  Well everyone bar my mate from LA but he lives among the squeaky clean, sparkly, beautiful people so his response didn’t come as a surprise.  Rather I laughed my legs off at his horrified expression and “you should just stop with the tree huger antics get down to the shops, buy a big bottle of shampoo and get yourself a man!!”

Bless him he worries about me being single, but I can tell you ladies in my original post – last year – I advised not to try this experiment if you were beginning to date.  I would now say throw that advice out the window, if a guy is interested in you, he’s interested, end of story!

This topic really makes me laugh hysterically, because I’m a writer and we all know drama or exaggerated circumstances can make us all laugh or cry.  When you try new experiences whether it be with your fashion [try a new colour], food [something spicier perhaps], beauty products [DIY/ homemade] a person can be thrown into situations where we cross paths with new people or new potentials materialize and you think why couldn’t this have happened last week when I had tropical smelling hair, or at a time when I didn’t think eggplant was the in colour.  Making changes to your routine can bring different people and experiences into your life, in ways that you wouldn’t imagine.

  22251397483_d755294d58_q                           22859205982_0a4fce5f11_q

So I’d heard for a long time avocado was fabulous for your hair, but I was too busy eating them!  Then I bought one that didn’t taste great and I reneged, because what else do you do with an avocado that doesn’t taste great, my advice don’t give it to your dog, big mistake, HUGE!

Okay it’s been a year of not using shampoo, let me try to answer some logical questions;

  • Is my hair greasy?

No my hair is not greasy.  It’s all about stages.  Once you allow your hair to go through the initial eight week period – of not washing – you then begin to wash it once a week or fort-nightly – whatever your preference.  Be very careful at this stage not to over use the baking soda because I did and I stripped my hair, which took me back to – you’ve guessed it – square one and doing my eight weeks all over again!

This was my fault, I had skimmed through the advice and information on Lulastic and wasn’t aware it’s better to be specific with measurements.  Also I noted psychologically I was used to scrubbing my hair and scalp and I still wanted to do that, instinctively this had been my routine for twenty plus years.  Washing without poo is a totally difference experience re: texture, time and the drying process.

  • Is my hair smelly?

No my hair is not smelly.  Although it’s probably better to ask what is smelly to you?  Even when I did the eight weeks, towards the end I asked my mum at different distances from me to smell my hair.  Does it smell bad?  She couldn’t smell anything until she got her nose next to my ear.  Excluding friends or family who would ever be that close to you?  In all honesty though this is one of the major experiences I missed, because ultimately when we wash our hair with shampoo we’re also heavily perfuming it.  I don’t believe this crosses many people’s minds because we also apply perfume or aftershave to our bodies.

  •  Is my hair in good condition?

Yes my hair is in good condition.  What strikes me most is the natural shine.  I have been to a local hair dresser she was amazed,  really taken aback at the quality and health of my hair.  [Please note not all hair dressers will be over the moon with this lifestyle change.]

  • What issues if any do I face with not washing my hair daily?

Well lets see because I’m lack’a’daisy with measuring things even if I’m following a recipe, I usually end up putting too much of something into my homemade hair masks, which can leave my hair looking lank.  My routine is to wash my hair with 1/2 a lemon once a week, occasionally I try hair masks.  I prefer to use lemon over baking soda.

It will take time for your hair to settle back into its natural rhythm, so it could be up and down or there could be no transitional phase for you at all.  There is plenty of advice, feedback and information from other people on Lulastic that will be helpful to you if you are considering a change in your lifestyle choices.

All in all I have WAY more time to myself, to the point I wonder how I ever found time to wash, condition, blow dry and straighten my hair previously!

The following short clips are me chatting about the process of the avocado hair mask.

I have used an avocado hair mask on a couple of occasions.  Instead of applying the mask all over, I apply it to the ends of my hair, wrap tin foil around the tips and leave for thirty minutes.


The basic beauty products I now use are;

  • Lemons [1/2 lemon in a pint of water to wash my hair. And lemon for my underarm instead of antiperspirant]
  • Coconut oil [on my body, face and sometimes the end of my hair]
  • Porridge oats [in the bath, on my face and to eat]
  • Coffee grounds [mixed with coconut oil to make a body/ face scrub, I also add 2 drops of tea tree oil]
  • Avocado [for my hair, on my face or to eat]
  • Honey [for my hair, on my face or to eat]
  • Olive Oil [occasionally for my hair or more regularly in face masks]
  • Eggs [occasionally in my hair, more regularly to eat]
  • Banana [once in my hair, more regularly to eat]
  • Baking soda [has so many uses, occasionally I use it on my face]

To summarize these lifestyle changes have had a huge impact on lowering stress, making money available for other areas of living and have given me so much more time.  The products can be bought when I do a food shop, there is no wasting time trying to get the best deal on expensive and over priced beauty products.  My aspirations, thoughts and focus are not distracted or challenged by the next best product which, of course, will make me more desirable.

Here is my truth; there will never be any product, accessory or cosmetic surgery that will make me more desirable.  Ultimately my beauty, charm and worth come down to how comfortable I feel with the real, natural me.

Guess what I’ve also learned reducing my spending by cutting back on false products with false promises is empowering.

Are these lifestyle choices for everyone?  Absolutely not!

But can you…

Redefine your consumer authority by re-branding yourself with your own products? 


It’s called forward thinking.

download (1)

This is me hanging upside down, rinsing the avocado out of my hair 🙂


Have an inspirational week.








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