To the lovely Elaine Duncan

Further from yesterdays post I’ve had a few more questions which I will answer below;


  • Has the thickness of your hair altered – eg would you say it’s thicker/ thinner as you’re no longer scrubbing your hair with shampoo?

Okay so I’ve been told in the past by one hair dresser that people don’t have thicker hair in terms of the size of the hair shaft.  Rather some people are blessed with more of it, on their heads.  So thinner hair might refer to a person with less hair strands on their noggin.


As far as hair goes I am blessed to have a lot of it and in fact it comes out in handfuls also, I mean I shed hair like a double coated Collie! 🙂


My hair is a little fuller definitely, I have also read feedback from women on Lulastic and this seems to be a common notable difference.  I would say the damage I naïvely inflicted on my hair is considerably lower now than ever before.

  • Has it had any effect on the speed at which your hair grows?  Or are you aware of new growth coming through more regularly?

I began my experiment roughly at the beginning of September 2014, in January I noticed the growth in my hair took off [running].  To the point when I’d let my hair down family and friends would openly comment about its length.  I wonder sometimes, are there specific times in the year when naturally everyone’s hair grows faster.  Like the grass in the summer months, I believe our bodies are in tune with the earth.  Is growth and regrowth faster at warmer times of the year and slower in the colder months?  All very interesting, of course this would contradict what I experienced since I tried the hair experiment from September through the winter months.  However I suspect the use of natural products instead of chemical laden shampoo spurred on and encouraged natural hair growth.

  • And finally, have you dyed your hair in the year?  If so, did the colour take more easily?  Does avocado help maintain or strip out the colour?

You’re not going to like the answer to this question ** forewarning.  I don’t colour my hair and I decided last year to embrace the natural change of my hair.  Yeah my LA friend urged me to go buy a box of hair dye, he worried it wouldn’t be a good look for me 🙂 I realize how unrealistic this lifestyle change is for a variety of people, take yourself for example as an actress/ performer there may be more pressure in your chosen field to aesthetically maintain an accepted appearance.  And in fact this will undoubtedly switch up as you take on different roles.

I did have a conversation with my hair dresser and yes if I wanted to dye my hair it would have to be shampooed first.  But lifestyle choices don’t have to be extreme, people can cut back on how many times they wash their hair with shampoo, lengthening the time between washes gives the scalp and hair longer to gather the natural sebum:D

I don’t believe avocado would strip anyone’s hair however I have no scientific proof to support this.  The reason I say this is because it felt creamy, rich and velvety when I applied it to my hair.  There is nothing harsh about avocado as a product, we can all eat them and I suppose this might be evidence enough.  If your body is happy with them internally then I can’t imagine them having an adverse effect externally.

So basically people should be true to themselves first and foremost, there are many positive changes to make regarding beauty products, using coconut oil instead of a mass-produced tube of body lotion maybe an easier step for many people.  Being conscious about the ingredients of everyday products has the potential to create a massive shift in consumer awareness.

I’ve found baby steps is the best way to begin, there should be no stress just contemplate the changes you’d like to make for a day, a week, a month.

Here’s the link for Lucy’s webpage;




Enjoy the journey! 😀







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