Hello Boys!

I can’t believe it’s the middle of January already!  Whats more shocking to me is within the last two years I’ve increasingly noticed how quickly time is whizzing by.  My grandma always said once you hit twenty-one next thing you wake up and you’re thirty, my feelings at the time “yeah right!”.

And sadly it came to pass that grandma was right.  But I thought well okay time is now moving more rapidly I’ll just adjust myself, live in the ‘now’ you know I hear this can be a powerful technique and I thoroughly believe it is!  Even though I’m still practicing I would describe it as a great way to slow living down, when I’m implementing it from day-to-day.  So why do I still feel as though days and weeks are gliding by?  Last year… zip and gone!

Then I wondered is it possible because I’m implementing the practice of living in the now, creatively I’m getting more done so this speeds up the experience of living?  It’s utterly fascinating just such a pity I was always awful at physics.

So time has got the better of me recently, I haven’t even blogged about the Christmas foods I made for friends and family – soon though!

I’ve been busy working on my next short film project titled;


Tagline: When the wonder has gone out of your bra and

you think the hands of a younger man can lift you up!

Synopsis; Isabel is a woman at odds with her body, feeling out of touch and unattractive she juggles her career with being a parent.  Won over by a flirtatious younger man we see the effects of quick fix decisions in modern times.

I loved writing this script I feel too many women don’t see their true beauty each time they glance themselves in the mirror.  And I fear it’s becoming a problem issue for people in general, in fact there are elements within the story that could easily be changed and the core message would stay the same.  I feel with some tweaks we could tell the story of a far younger woman, or change the gender from a lead female to a male.

However there is a good reason for choosing a lead female in her mid to late thirties, I’d like to visually put across a woman’s natural shape while casting an older actress.  The idea of role opportunities dwindling as an actress ages is disturbing to me.

These issues could be served up in a sober tone but we’ve elected a lighter, comedic approach.  Diane Jessie Miller is our director and with her own feature One by One [http://onebyonethemovie.co.uk/] under her belt as well as many other short film projects she’s sure to create an entertaining visual feast and a couple of laughs.

Check out Diane’s website; http://dianejessiemiller.co.uk/

Going for a female heavy crew we’ve enlisted Nicola McHugh as camera assistant and have high hopes of securing a female director of photography.

We’d love it if you could visit our campaign page and help support our short film project any way you can by funding or sharing the campaign.  The more people see Hello Boys the more chance we have of reaching our goal of actually making the film.


Further details and pitch video are available, we’d like to thank you in advance for any support you can offer!

Have a positive week,

reviews on my Christmas hampers to follow 😀

Hello Boys Credits






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