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It’s never a nice feeling when you realize you’ve been lying to yourself.  If your ego or what’s left of it allows you to reach this understanding you might find yourself, silently gazing into outer-space lip quivering wondering how you’re going to put it all right because putting it all right means admitting you did something wrong.  It’s sort of okay when you’re the only one affected but boy when you find you’ve messed a situation up for others.  That can seem pretty devastating.

At this point you might like to slip back into lying to yourself because the right road is the hard road and the one less traveled.  No judgement hear folks, I’m not a little girl in a glass house throwing stones!  But maybe, just maybe you’re moved by this idea of change, you see the error of your decision-making and you change your thoughts, leading to a change in actions, which in turn changes your habits, which has a knock on effect to your character which totally changes your DESTINY.

[Oh how I wish WordPress had a big sparkle button to make the word DESTINY stand out, like in 3D.  I feel it would truly highlight how powerful that string of changes are!]

Anyway I wish I could say “yeah I’m that person who always realizes I’m lying to myself” sadly no, not yet.  But here’s how I’ve evolved as a person.  Recently I made a huge mistake in giving my money to a faux PR company, really sucks when you get hustled, thankfully it wasn’t as awful as it could have been. This experience really drove home how [ordinary] people can get embarrassed about being taken advantage of and shrink away not wanting to highlight their mistake any further.  But you know my grandma used to say “there’s always someone worse off”, imagine for a second you’re a really important person – unless you are then you don’t have to imagine – everyone looks up to you, people want to be you, you’re the type of person that never makes mistakes, vast amounts of money flow to you, through your company and beyond into the unknown only to come back around like a bountiful boomerang, you are the epitome of SUCCESS.  Then the ass falls out of the market, maybe you lose all your money or worse still your company is so badly effected you have to sack/fire all your employees.  I’m guessing it wouldn’t hurt to be a normal person at this point, unless you’re the employee who just got sacked.  Intertwined, are we all.

Part of me wonders about our words, how words fall, bounce, roll off the tongue.  The movement, the meaning how fast or slowly we speak.  True words, false words, dance about the subject, I don’t want to tell you words.  I could get heavy here place ‘accountability’ quietly on the table.  Grin broadly.  But I don’t want anyone to run out of room I’d love more of us to hear, see and speak of this word like it were a saving grace instead of a tone weight.

Once upon a time I would shrink away, embarrassed by my mistakes or even others, above me, in authority.  How do you think that works when a person shy’s away from other people’s mistakes.  It’s feeling powerless and when you feel as though you have no power in creeps the fear.   We will all find ourselves carrying out numerous actions from fear of x, y or z.  How do you stop the fear?  Know yourself.


And when you begin to know yourself you begin to regain your power.  And when you regain your power, you realize your worth.  And when you realize your worth you have a clearer image of who you choose to be.  So now I’m all about visibility.  Here look at my mistake, isn’t it awful people have to put up with these types of companies?  How do we all make sure there is less of this happening?  Because you might not think it’s your problem but when the fabulous company you’ve so earnestly set up and even the industry you’re so proudly apart of takes a hit.  You’re not worth the money they say or your package doesn’t get the job done, Oopsy I think someones muddied the waters.

There’s a great article by Sarah Mitchell that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and perhaps you would to, titled The Great Content Marketing Swindle, don’t you just love the title it almost sparkles as though in 3D! 😀



Have a hustled free week!





2 thoughts on “Sarah Mitchell – Linkedin

  1. Great read Sarah. So difficult admitting to making a mistake or even acknowledging a mistake sometimes. It’s very obvious you are a writer of quality in your blogs and I hope you work gets the recognition it deserves.

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