Can’t Touch This


So I have a little confession.  Last summer I auditioned for a brand new local game show and I was picked to be one of the shows contestants!

I have to be honest I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, such is life at certain times.  My thoughts were I was supporting a local production AND ticking off a life experience from my bucket list which I haven’t actually written, it lives in my head 😀

Thinking back it all seems like a whirlwind, in fact it feels now as though it never happened.  Just a dream, flying through the air, catapulted.  I don’t remember screaming I was face first in a foam pit before my mind hand caught up with my body.  But I’m guessing my holler was pretty loud as I demonstrated a weaker version at the end of round one when asked by Ashley Banjo.  Hi-five Ashley 🙂

What can I tell you… well not much other than taking part in this game show made me wish I’d never given up the gym and that I should have used that skipping rope, kettle bell and free-standing punch bag A LOT more than what I had!

Honestly though for me it was a once in a life time experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Upon arriving I accidentally ended up in the VIP area – Ooopsy – wasn’t long before I was whisked off to join the other contestants.  The food was good, the crew couldn’t have done enough for the contestants and everyone was buzzing.

It was quite surreal standing next to and chatting briefly with Zoe Ball and Ashley Banjo who all the women were going crazy for, one woman exclaiming repeatedly “he hugged me, he hugged me”.  I found it utterly fascinating to experience the effects of adrenaline coursing through my body, the Klaxon automatically jolting a person to movement and ultimately finding out whether I would give up.

Oh was that hint, did I or didn’t I go beyond round one?  How far did I get?  Was face planting the travelator numerous times just too much, well I guess you’ll have to tune in.  If you miss any of the episodes you can catch them on BBC iPlayer.

The series will begin on the 26th March on BBC1, the episode I appear in will transmit on the 9th April.  Twitter will be set ablaze with tweets from Zoe Ball, Ashley Banjo, contestants and viewers, you can join the fun too by using hashtags #CTT and #JumpForTheCar.


Zoe Ball, Ashley Banjo presenting with Sue Perkins commentating.


Perhaps I’ll blog again about my experiences after the 9th April.

Have an inspiring week!



Morning view on September 10th 2015




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