A Bucket List Experience!


Can’t Touch This… la la’la!

So I did something a bit different and way out of my comfort zone.  I auditioned and took part in a BBC game show, locally filmed and produced, yay!  The venue, T13 in the Titanic quarter located across from the beautiful Titanic Drawing offices.


Last summer had been crazy, not because the weather was hot and I got to partied a lot, but rather I’d been running to the hospital visiting family members.  Thankfully everything worked out okay.  I remember being online and seeing two separate posts with information on how to audition and each time I literally scoffed at the idea, ha ha ha.  At the back of my mind on the second occasion I think I wondered, is this something I should go for?  It wasn’t until I received an email from Linda Ervine of the Skainos centre, she was forwarding the same information I’d come across online.  Now the universe had my attention,  three times I had randomly bumped into Can’t Touch This info. there are certain numbers I take note of I suppose it’s like having a lucky number and going with it when an opportunity presents itself.

Begs the questions, do we make our own luck?

So there I was the summer from hell, I mean have you seen hospitals these days I’m not a huge fan at the best of times.  And the food, god bless up, it’s frightening! However I should point out the nurses and doctors were very congenial, many thanks for their brilliant care 🙂

I’m not sure if it was the glimpse of how fragile life can be, you know we’re all busy busy in our lives but when you’re visiting others in hospital you can’t turn away from the stories – the lives lying – in each bed.  People battle sickness for various reasons at different stages in life or continuously throughout life and I’m very fortunate to be healthy.

Well I thought I was healthy until my doctor wouldn’t sign me off with a clean bill of health, so I left that practice and joined another, the drama the drama!  Okay so I may have had a little trouble with my back at one point, you know giving birth can do that to a woman’s body!  I had received treatment from the fabulous Christopher Stange of Family Spinology in Comber (http://www.spinology.co.uk/).  He was perfectly happy with condition of my spine and very supportive about taking part in the game show so with a letter from Mr Stange and a full check from a doctor I was ready to go, medically fit I was/am, yay!

The day was upon me, my amazing Auntie helped me out immensely by arriving at the crack of dawn and then taking my son to school.  I set off with my fluorescent gym gear and bag of food with no idea of what lay ahead!

                                       CTT6        CTT3

Thinking back I nervously parked, with a point of the finger from a friendly helper I wandered around the side of the building, a little hesitant I knew I was in the right place when I saw the truck.  And there was definitely no turning back when I received my pass – I might have accidentally came home with my pass, oopsy.  I wondered if I was in good time, first there maybe but in fact I was last to arrive.  The atmosphere was buzzing, the portacabin was alive with movement and bright colours.  Large tubs of elbow, knee pads, gloves and helmets lay open on a table.  All I could think was oh my god I haven’t eaten breakfast and it looks like everyone’s gearing up to go, oh the horror, the horror!  I might tend on the dramatic side occasionally, no breakfast was sorted in a jiffy I was handed the most amazing bacon bap I mean it was awesome, sadly I didn’t take a picture because I inhaled it so quickly, awh.  Not to worry though I took a picture of my lunch 😀

And of course I had plenty of time we still had to get through the rules, the paperwork and the reading out of the PRIZES!! I might have slipped into a parallel universe when some of the paperwork was being read aloud, but I maintain a part of my brain was still there in the room.  It definitely had to be because I needed brain function to chew the almonds I was shoveling down my neck.  Slow release energy, oh is that a top tip for lasting the course?

The time had now come for all contestants to be shown Round 1.  I got chatting to the lovely Terry at this point and I think this was a welcomed distraction.  I’m not sure what my brain did while being shown the obstacle course that lay in front of us all.  It’s possible it went into survival mode and for me that meant I didn’t over think what I was seeing.  So as we were casually shown the catapult we’d all be flung from instead of my eye’s doubling in size, my jaw gaping open and me screeching “oh my god, what!?!” I found my face frozen, I think I was attempting to be strong and confident.  Either that or I was going for an expressionless Botox look.  Maybe I was overwhelmed or in shock because I’m pretty sure I missed some important information.  Yes upon tuning into Episode 1 I was taken aback to hear of the 30 second penalty for each touch point not hit by contestants.  I felt totally baffled. When I concentrated really hard and focused, I had an “oh, hold on…” moment, I vaguely remembered something about touch points.

Of course I had to analyze, did this inhibit my performance that lasted two seconds when I came back to the present moment – thankfully – and had to admit at this point, with it filmed back in September it really didn’t matter.

All the contestant walked alongside Round 1, on the platform you see Zoe Ball and Ashley Banjo overlooking the live action from.  We were taken through the rules and safety at each section of the course and allowed to ask questions.  Lining up for a camera shot of everyone together and then finally individual moments where contestants could choose to show their character.  I went for the jig/wiggle, very fashionable don’t you know?


Let the game begin..

And so with my mind subdued I went to it.  I don’t remember what it felt like to be flung from a catapult, I hope no one asks.  The scream was all natural and escaped on the tails of the air that had filled my lungs.  I didn’t mind the sponge pit, I’d had plenty of practice at gymnastics when I was about eight or nine, you don’t forget how difficult it can be and I knew I didn’t want to end up among the sponge further down the course!  Stack’em High was awful, if I was going to give up it was there and yes it did cross my mind.  But I have this terrible habit of finishing what start, so on I went, the water at the pole was horrifically cold, I would love to know the temperature?!  I totally felt Paul’s pain in Episode 1 when he took his time getting up the ladders after the shock of the cold water, I did laugh hysterically sorry Paul it’s Sue Perkins she makes me giggle.  The punch bags and beam where next, duck and dive, well more of skip in between only to be thwacked up the side of the noggin by the last bag.  On to the slide and the end was in sight, hooray!  I couldn’t get out of the water quick enough, although I should point out cold water is supposed to do great things for the muscles after a strenuous work out, ha ha ha, it’s supposed to reduce muscle inflammation, no really.

You can be assured I ate my lunch!  I picked lasagna there were a couple of dishes on offer, I didn’t get a picture of the menu but here’s my lasagna.


Super tasty I didn’t eat the garlic bread only because I didn’t want to have bad breath, I really shouldn’t have worried.  Once the final six were chosen we took our places at Round 2 and good grief the nervous flatulence was thick in the air, silent but deadly.  Maybe I could smell it more because my nose was closer to the ground.  Okay I’ll admit it, I might have quietly added to the gasiness but it was very lady like 🙂

Over the ropes we went my strategy was to walk on them as though gliding on air, sadly I’m not Jesus so I tripped, thankfully in a forward motion which meant I was closer to the tiny opening, like a funnel we all found ourselves trying to squeeze through.  Round 3 being dumped out of a seat, oh the joy, grumble grumble.  Then onto the rings, I was worried at the rings you know, just at first I couldn’t gauge how solid they were, but my confidence grew as I shuffled forward.  My heart went out to Nina this weekend in Episode 4 she did tremendous, adding to the excitement but was just pipped to the post!

The strangest thing about Round 4 was/is it didn’t happen in real-time as I thought it did in my head.  I didn’t realize my first rope was a dud – sorry spoiler alert – and then I also don’t remember head butting the second walkway, totally shocked, the adrenaline and my ‘subdued’ mind must have taken over, probably best.  Did I or didn’t I reach the button, if you’ve tuned in you’ll already know if not here is the link; http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b077p610/cant-touch-this-episode-3 .

So Round 5 oh my goodness, oh my goodness, who would have thought?  I was a little bit tired at this point my energy levels may have begun to wane, where were my almonds now eh, think they’d all been eaten.  I was banana’d out at this point also, the crew couldn’t have been kinder in their care for the contestants, literally anything we needed – within reason – was provided.  We watched movies throughout the day, food, drink and snacks were available, we were warm the toilets close by were kitted out with toiletries anything you might need.  Back to spin mountain I’m thinking, oh no they want to rotate me again on this horrible circle, and then three rotating sections to navigate before I climb the pegs.  You know my mum used to do indoor wall climbing, yip there was no way I was going to sit across the dinner table from a wall climber and NOT get my arse up those pegs!!  That for me rationally explains why I was the lucky winner in Episode 3 of Can’t Touch This 😀


Not convinced the outfit is terribly flattering.

I won some lovely prizes which I can’t wait to blog about, more on that later.  Check out and join in the twitter chat madness https://twitter.com/CantTouchThis hashtag your hearts out #CTT #Jumpforthecar.

Huge congrats to all the contestants, four episodes down six to go tune in Saturday evening BBC1 at 5.25.

The game show experience overall was excellent such an eye opener, the different characters competing were fabulous to watch and exchange conversation with.  It might sound weird but I learned a lot about my body and mind.  Capabilities, endurance, strategy and strengths.  I found lamaze breathing extremely helpful at the beginning of each round, don’t forget to breathe!


Thanks for reading, now go and get watching!

Much love





6 thoughts on “A Bucket List Experience!

  1. Yea, Japan is just as crazy with Ninja Warrior etc. Thus why I was annoyed when I didn’t see anything about this as I’d have loved a go, but I was so pleased to see you do so well!

    1. Well now I know this, I will keep an eye out and let you know about future shows. Or apparently you can register with the BBC and they let you know about different game shows. One of the other contestants mentioned it 🙂

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