A little birdy told me…


Life has become unrecognizable.  That’s a fact!

Now, apply what you will in terms of happiness or sadness to that sentence.

If you felt impending doom you might like to pause for a second and consider another angle.  If you felt sheer excitement at the notion of our vast changing world you might find pause is still a useful technique.  A positive mind is a magnificent asset, I’d like to say in modern times but I can’t imagine throughout history it ever being a negative.

Although remaining continuously happy, I’ve decided, can be a sign of an unbalanced character.  It’s just not possible to be happy ALL of the time.  But is being positive equal to being happy?  I don’t believe so.  I’ve learned to be hugely positive and yet still find tremendous humor in my grumpiness (and others).

Apparently balance is everything.  Of course once you judge the word or the idea of what that means, it all disintegrates.  We grasp and we cling on to.  Assuming what we hold in our hand is worth more than what we let go.  The majority of us unable to watch x, y and z slip away.  Sand through your finger tips, ashes to the bin some escaping and blowing away in wind.  Fine words tingling on the tongue, sharp words spat out, both passing over the lips to a place of no return.

It goes deeper though wouldn’t you agree?  We generally hold on to material possessions,  people or situations because we make a choice to do so.  And we usually make choices that are of benefit to ourselves.  But if benefit turns to deficit, it can be difficult to admit fault.  Fault edges toward failure which perhaps equals loss, someone didn’t make the right decision.

I’m curious lately why we refuse to fail.  Stubbornness, a digging in of the heels or completely glossing over the issue at hand.  I realize part of the problem, other people.  Their reaction to perceived failure adds unwanted layers.


Obviously in terms of business failure can cost vast amounts of money.  In love it can mean the loss of more than money.  And then there are some experiences in life we’d all gladly throw money at, to either put right or totally escape.  I find myself getting lost now in the idea of failure, non-performance of something due, lack of success.  Ge’ez who invented this word, surely the only purpose was to bring shame and sadness to people.

They say success isn’t a straight line so why do we judge people’s journeys with pitiful expressions and nonsensical noises? Secretly, I believe there is a mixed reaction within us.  We’re happy the failure isn’t ours and we feel somewhat ahead of the game because we’ve learned from someone else’s mistakes without, appearing to, pay the price.


Birdy, people help the people…  https://youtu.be/OmLNs6zQIHo?list=FLVlwPxAG4IUMwmCZbw5RmYg

People helping people happens regardless of our like or dislike for each other.  No matter where you are, what you do for a living or how you view failure – or success.  Each of our small tiny actions and reactions makes up a larger tapestry, and it matters not one ounce if you believe you’re the only one impacted by your hard work, failures or successes.  The truth is more complex, the vibration of spoken words and physical action travel further than each of us can ever know.

I believe what we term as failure ripples out teaching others priceless lessons, encouraging evolvement and improvement at various levels.  The only failing is in the individual who believes they can separate or severe themselves from the whole.   If we lived in a more accepting, forgiving, loving world failures would be embraced as readily as success, for what they are.  The opportunity to progress.


Give the present moment all that you are,

it’ll make for an interesting week!





2 thoughts on “A little birdy told me…

  1. Another great blog. You are 100% correct you can’t be happy al the time. People can tell if your pushing up false smiles and being Flanders.
    It is harder to stay positive all the time and I for one can admit to persisting with something just because I hate to admit I made a mistake.

    Mind you I’ve been told that if it was up to me I would rearrange OCD to CDO cause its alphabetically correct, but really they are wrong I just don’t like to make mistakes lol.

    Thanks for the insight Sarah always a great read.


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