Disruption…. excuse me?!?

Isn’t it such an inconvenience when you manage to get your working life arranged to an agreeable standard, not perfect by any means, but doable, not what you’d choose to do for the rest of your life but the majority of us do what it takes to bring the bacon home.  Unless you’re a vegetarian then it’d be to put bread on the table, unless you’re a Celiac… and so on! 😀

I’m experiencing a bit of a shake up, last week and again this week.  I find myself scrabbling to obtain extra hours from temping agencies.  And while the chaos rains down I attempt to maintain my cool, you know do the positive mind thing.  I haven’t meditated yet I should probably get to that quick smart because not only have I been shafted with my hours, work is now changing my shifts up and down as though they were competing in a grand slam world YOYO competition.  They still have those you know, how retro, I was pleasantly surprised, Cleveland this year check it out;  http://worlds16.com/ .

Anger jumps on top of chaos and in my head I’m doing pregnancy breathing, except Lamaze is so last season check out conscious breathing; https://youtu.be/t7WFq17NxWA, oh yeah!  And then there’s the timing this month, when these challenges have presented themselves.  I find myself slightly agitated, always hungry and extremely clumsy for no apparent reason.  Am I embarrassed about my female mechanics, heck no!  I’m impressed that I’ve managed to maintain decorum.  And oh so thankful this weeks challenges have not arisen in a face to face discussion.  Like an overflowing cup my gratitude pours forth, either that or I allow the pressure of being a single parent with no job stability to take over and it would be “Niagara falls Frankie angel, Niagara falls”.


Niagara Falls Google images.


But I’m not the only one am I and I never will been.

There was a time when all this uncertainty would get the better of me.  I would lose weight not through lack of eating but rather worrying, become short-tempered or impatient at home.  And this was all due to holding in the fear and chaos.  Where as now I let it go – I’m going to re-frame from posting a picture of Frozen – and at first it feels very alien.  As though my mind grapples with needing something to worry about.  I haven’t mastered it yet which makes me giddy, in being a novice I feel as though I could lose my footing, find myself stumbling back down a slippery slope.  The difference now, is I would find myself laughing as I fell.

This is a huge change for me because truthfully I’ve been over this ground before.  The previous journeys were cumbersome, not myself, I was burdened by duty and the ideas others had of me.  And I still sense these presumptions, still they have the ability to slow me down, if, I accept any of it.  Someone once tried to pass on a valuable lesson through a story about a wise old man.  Isn’t this typically how valuable lessons normally begin, with a wise old man 😀

Anyway a very short version is that if someone offers you a gift and you refuse the gift who does the gift belong to? The answer is the person giving the gift.  Now replace gift with anger, annoyance or upset.  Someone argues with you on the bus, train or crossing the street, yelling they unload their unhappiness on to you.  Who does the anger and upset belong to?  Lets change the example shifting from feelings to circumstance, you sign up for a college class but there aren’t enough numbers so you don’t get to learn something new and exciting or your work situation changes you were promoted temporarily with an increase in wages and now it’s all dissolved because of reorganization.

Here’s the big question, now are you ready, drum roll please….. Do you accept it?

I’ve went back to this story in my head many times the meaning has morphed over the years as I have matured.  Depth in living has increased my understanding of where it could have been useful, where it is useful now and where I could apply it in the future. Here is the original story, the wise old man, none other than the Buddha http://fakebuddhaquotes.com/fake-but-not-fake-the-art-of-storytelling/.  Stories are just that though and we all do want we choose with them depending on their authenticity or how we relate to the premise.

The quote below struck a cord with me this week, it tells a story of its own, and when you apply it to the individual it branches off into an endless number of variables.  I believe the core meaning remains the same regardless of the life experience or situation it’s placed upon.

If the quote was a magnifying glass and we placed it over various nationalities, homes or workplaces and applied the words what would we see?

How many of us would display a healthy level of self-respect or self-esteem?

How many would display feelings of guilt or shame because we don’t live up to other peoples ideas or equally because we do live up to other peoples thoughts of who we are?


Picture by Mark Douglas of Image31 photography.


The only thing to accept is yourself, which is a gift, the process requires the shedding of many skins.  And it can be an up hill struggle for some.  Lightening the load is essential in order to reach a healthier you.  If you have to leave material possessions, people or places behind, worry not.  Reaching your full potential is intertwined with acceptance, self-knowledge and love.

This blog does not attempt to cover all the vast angles and layers of acceptance.  We all come to acceptance at some point or another.  Some of us weep in pain, others weep with joy and some ponder it with interest.

In accepting myself I do not accept the decisions made by the company that employs me.  But in my non-acceptance, I accept the rights of the management in making whatever decision they deem suitable for their business to succeed.

Dare I be so bold as to ask… what do you accept?


Have an awe inspiring week!






2 thoughts on “Disruption…. excuse me?!?

  1. That’s a good read. I am personally so far off your level of enlightenment. Trying i’ll get there, hopefully things will calm down for you. If not well you are clearly capable of making it work.

    1. I can honestly say you are not Raymond! And never think that, it’s perhaps the arrangement of the words I use. All of us are enlightened it’s just possibly THE worst time in history to try and realize personal enlightenment! 😀
      This is part of our challenge today, part of the ‘game’ some would say. Not only are we born into challenge [family/the country we live] we then have to untangle ourselves from all the external garble, which is at an epic level of saturation in my opinion. Thank you for stopping by and reading 🙂

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