Freedom in feeling remorse


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I’m sorry…


I imagine “Finally” silently escape

Dry chapped lips

Eyes wide, as though you gaze a mirage

On a horizon of disbelief


My apology is not

An admission of guilt

I feel none


Rather a validation

Of your pain

The extent of which

I do not pretend to grasp


Instead compassionately I compare it

To a gorge of limitless depth


In the darkness hatred needlessly grows


Numerous doorways

In the mind’s eye

Lightly lay in wait


Through understanding my own suffering

I glimpsed yours

A brief scene

A landscape laid out


Instantly the pain hits my gut

And ricochets up

The hole in my heart


Springs a leak


And in that moment

“I’m sorry”

Grief floods my every fibre

Washed away by the knowledge

Of what we did to each other


Splitting hairs no more

I blink

Awareness chases bereavement and blame

I breathe

The load lightens

Freed, allowing movement

My mind boundless

Races forward

In your domain

I am a slave no more



Seed of Life
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