Working class hands with high class intention

Originally the title read; Working class hands with a high-class heart.  Something just didn’t sound right and then I realized. What I’d come up with was a – plan B – logline for the movie Pretty Woman.  Not what I was going for, totally wrong visual!


Okay let’s refocus our mind, bringing our attention away from Julia Roberts thigh high, black PVC hooker boots, and into the Om.


Google; “Om” painting by Melanie Bodnar

So working class hands. Does an image of hands come to mind, yours/ someone else’s? Or is your attention instead brought to the sensation of your four fingers and thumb. Are you drawn to think of what your hands have accomplished or does the idea stimulate a picture of rough callous stricken skin and numerous minimum wage jobs you’ll never choose to do?

Marxism is a method of socioeconomic analysis that analyzes class relations and societal conflict using a materialist interpretation of historical development.

Straight away I take issue with the idea that this theory is based on a materialist interpretation. Where and when did the term working class come in play?  Notice my wording it is quite specific – come into play.  Because humans evolving along a path based off material gain is such a charade, but here we all are like mute buffoons – and becoming muter with each generation – acting in front of, in despite of or oblivious too each other.

Karl Marx wasn’t the first person to bring forward theories on class relations.  The End of History, an interesting read; mentions Marx borrowing ideas from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. And I’m sure these men were influenced by earlier intellectual minds.

Historical materialism is a methodological approach to the study of human societies and their development over time that was first articulated by Karl Marx (1818-1883) as the materialist conception of history.  It is principally a theory of history according to which the material conditions of society’s way of producing and reproducing the means of human existence or, in Marxist terms, the union of its productive capacity and social relations of production, fundamentally determine its organization and development.

There are many interesting topic’s to debate and delve into about society, economic’s and the histories behind these interlinked topics.  Perhaps at the top of a debate list; is Marxism still relevant in our modern social economic industrial climate? I don’t specifically mean our environment but logically the manner in which we advance ourselves socially, economically and industrially will have and has had a result on our environment. Because we now know everything is connected, another debate in itself!

An article of interest;

More now than ever before I love to listen to people’s thoughts and ideas.  I realized though as an adult I’ve had fewer conversations about idea’s, lots of discussions about events and too many exchanges about other people’s personal affairs.  This really hit home recently while I was waiting to collect my son from school, it’s difficult not to overhear conversations. Two woman, a grandmother and a mother were talking about another woman, who stood at the far end of the playground.  Both were curiously discussing this woman’s separation from her husband but more eager to know if she had begun a relationship now with a woman. The bell rings, the children come galloping out of school towards us, and to my utter surprise the mother asks her son to regurgitate everything he’s heard in school. Because this is her source of information, the children have talked in-depth about the split, what’s been said, who’s been shouting, crying etc… and I’m dumb founded thinking if I become a lesbian it’s not the adults that’ll be spreading the word it’s the CHILDREN!!


We could chat briefly about what creates a strong mind, because surely a strong mind creates strong people, and people make up our communities, society etc. Recently a link was sent to me, about teaching children how to think.  My first reaction in a deadpan tone, “I’m sorry, what!?”.  Check it out meta-cognition, . My second thought was, where have we gone wrong that we would have to begin to teach our children how to think. My ego jumps right in and tells me “when I was a child I was able to think, and all the children that I went to school with they were able to think too!” My mind rattles on, it’s the cartoons they’re dumbing down young minds. But in a quiet place in my head, visual comparisons race forward.  Fear slowly trickles forth as multiple images flood my present. The programming I received visually is most likely on par with what our children view today. I take a breath, push the fear to the side and examine my memory of then and now.

Lets go back to The Guardian article, if you mentally take a step back from whats being discussed, it describes a flow, a rhythm even. I believe as intricate as society, economics and industry are we have the potential to get lost, very lost. There are many reasons for this, in fact the examples are infinite.  Some of us, as we grow get distracted moving away from personal strengths and gifts, some of us experience trauma which might derail us from the perfect path and some of us run down a faux ‘fast track path’ assuming without hard work we’ll reach success in half the time.  The point is there’s only a small percentage of people who live to the potential that they were born with. Why?

Is it because of social class, the television we watch, is it because we don’t discuss idea’s or that we don’t have strong minds?

I might have shared this interview with Gary Vaynerchuk in another blog, if not I’m presently experiencing déjà vu. Anyway it’s a terrific discussion for everyone not just business minded people looking for success in modern times.  Drawing your attention to 57:13 through to 57:37 mark, Stephanie Ruhle puts forward a concern, she worries about ‘what we’re doing to young people’  Gary comes back with “we’re not doing jack shit, this is what is happening” please continue to watch and listen.

My translation is that Gary Vaynerchuk has the ability to see rhythms which has helped lead him down a path of personal success.  So life has threads of rhythm, I say threads because I believe there is more than just one string. I mean what type of instrument plays well with one string… I don’t want to hear anybody say Berimbau or Ektara.  I guess I’m translating this interview and applying it to my life, and I found that I could do this because the message is universal. We are crafting and shaping ourselves, change is inevitable, perhaps you still believe but I have to choose x, y or z in order for change to take place.  This is not so.  We close our minds to so much, and as Gary explains we often say one thing but do another, check it out 32:26.

Can I just tell you, my enthusiasm is boiling over at this point, I’m ecstatic with the topic of conversation the articles and YouTube video. If you were sitting beside me now, it would be hold on to your hat Sarah’s about to explode, STOP, put the kettle on we’re going to be up all night.

But it doesn’t get to the crucks of my irritation. I’m going to have to throw you all for a loop here, stay with me.

18 The LORD is slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generations.’

This is the – And the sins of the father will be visited onto the children – I’m not a religious person, I would loosely describe myself as a Taoist. But I was born into a strict religious family, whisked off to a mission in American before the age of one.  I’ve read some scripture, heard adults discuss scripture and my dad would use biblical stories to teach us how to live life.  Oh and in case you’re all curious you never pick the easy road. Yes apparently the hard road, the one less traveled is the only worthwhile path.  I’ll be sure to let you know I’m still trekking along – Sarah scratches her head and looks around – I’ll blog about it when I get to the end…

I noticed a rhythm in my life, let me explain. In search of knowing myself I’ve taken some personality tests one being the Enneagram. I’m a type eight on the Enneagram. There are pro’s and con’s to every type, a lot of strengths with type eights, however this type has to be careful with anger or rage. I think it’s quite natural in a quest to know yourself better, to compare your personal characteristics or traits with other family members.

In the midst of learning about myself my son came home from school and it turned out he too was learning about himself. They had written poems for poetry week, the topic was emotions. They had to choose an emotion and create their poem from ‘it looks like.. it feels like..’ etc. This is Lucas’ poem.


I was so eager to read his poem and found myself brimming with delight. After hugging and praising him, he ran off to play with his Lego. I sat on at the table, my mind matching a pattern, a coincidence dawned on me.  My dad was a policeman in the late sixties in Belfast, not only was my upbringing religious it was at times militant in structure. When I was born in the eighties Northern Ireland was a tense place, the mission experience took our family away for about six years and then we came back and my dad returned to being a policeman until the late nineties. Not a patience man but a hard worker, he put food on the table and I remember he worked a lot.  Later he would go on to admit the only emotion that readily came to him, was anger.

Thinking back to translations of biblical scripture given to me by other adults, I had it in my head for a long time that the sins of the father visited on to the children was war.  Man made war, disease and all types of external negative occurrences but lets peel back the layers.  I believe there’s more to it.

Still sitting at the table gazing in to space, I saw myself in the middle, looking back was my dads generation and looking forward is my sons.  We could go further back to my dads father, who was known to beat his wife, I think it would fair to say he could have had anger issues. We could also jump forward to my sons children but let me tell you why I won’t do that (1) I don’t particularly want to focus on being a grandmother (2) I’m actively trying to right a wrong, bring balance to an uneven playing field. The outcome has yet to be measured.

Spiritually what could be more a of sin than anger or any negative feeling/ thought against the self, if spirituality worked in terms of sin. Lets take a second to consider who do you think anger hurts the most, the person directing the anger out, shaping it into action or the person on the receiving end?  I would say there is no most about this scenario, the consequence for any number of people involved in an angry exchange is pain. Anger is negative energy, energy makes up all life and the universe we live.


Google images

We could go on and on, with shame, hate, low-self esteem, basically negative thoughts.  I’m chatting about this at an individual level. We could begin with one unhappy person and expand the example out to their community, and consider other towns linked to this community.  Expanding endlessly on the affects of negative feelings and thoughts within the mind of one individual. We’re all divine beings, no really we are, you don’t have to take my word for it but I’d love you to consider now ‘the god within’.  If we have a god within, an aspect of deity and a seed of doubt was planted in our minds; anger, self-hate, shame, is this not in a sense a sin against God, a sin against ourselves? Putting this to one side if we realized the affects of self-hate, inadequacy on our physical health we might believe it is a sin to put ourselves through so much dis-ease.

And what if there was an epidemic, if large numbers of people were affected by these negative feelings and thoughts. Communities, towns, cities, countries, nations. Do you think it would be easy to suppress or put a cork in all that negativity and walk away?

Just while we have a cork in the very large bottle of negativity, I wanted to step to side with you and discuss, how well do you know yourself? Are you self-aware, do you know why you react or respond to different situations?

I believe if a mother or a father lacks social skills and they raise three children you can bet one of those children (if not all) will also lack social skills.  If one or both parents lack self-worth their children will face challenges of not feeling good enough.  If parents lack patience and live angry lives then so shall their children.  There can be at times exceptions to the rule.


Google images

Hmm, I’m beginning to believe this could be a bit heavy for a Monday morning… Oops. I’m going to bring it back around to success, come on now, you don’t actually think I’m going to leave the conversation on a low – please say you know me better than that!

There is no blame game here, it isn’t our parents fault, it isn’t their parents faults. Once we’re old enough the buck starts and stops with us. Regardless of how we are raised, what social class we fall within or how the economy affects job opportunities, we get to make the choices. As a side note; if you’re not making the choices you might like to ask yourself who is.

I believe various levels of success can be obtained throughout a person’s life as they grasp a sense of self and gain depths of understanding for who they are.


Google images

Find your peace; the translations are limitless.  Find ease in the person you are, know that you are made as you should be, love every awful, great characteristic and trait.  Because loving yourself is the name of the game, loving yourself is the only way to make right all the wrongs, and if no ones told you yet loving yourself is the only game you’ll never lose.

And for the finale, drum roll please…

Loving and accepting yourself builds the doorway to your success.  It will likely create more than one doorway because…. well that’s a whole other blog in itself!!

You can bet Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t sitting at home reinforcing negative programming. Successful people focus on the positive, which attracts more of the same.


Now you can have a lovely Monday – how – just focus on one positive thing. You don’t have one you say, I say you’re eye sight has been temporarily affected by negative thinking, flip the coin, look for the silver lining. There is no dark with out light. If its a negative situation it’s taught you something positive, there’s you’re first brick, now pave your way and build your road to success!

I dare say I’ll see you along the way 😀

Apologies for the spelling it’s a mixture of English and American, oh dear me!



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